Friday, June 5, 2009

Poison Ivy Costume : Batman and Robin (Rubie's)

The creators of Batman and Robin partnered with Rubie's to recreate many of the costumes that appeared in the film. These were the variants offered for Poison Ivy's first costume in the Botanical Gardens scene.

Rubie's Poison Ivy CostumesThe first costume on the left is the standard (cost effective) version. I prefer the leaf print on the standard because it is more in keeping with the leotard leaf detail from the film. The second and third from the left are the adult and child "deluxe" Poison Ivy costumes. I suppose by deluxe they mean sequined details along the bust line and on the arm sheaths. These two costumes did offer a slightly more finished look. Including ivy vine details on the tights and finger loops on the arm sheaths - but let's get real. These are not that great. Once again, the odd proportions and seams make this costume look a tad goofy. (Though I did purchase two of the standard costumes and used the leaf fabric to create something much like the official movie version.)

Rubie's Poison Ivy Child's WigAll these costumes included a sequined eye mask to double as Uma Thurman's more fanciful prosthetics. Not pictured here is the child's standard costume. But it was essentially the same outfit. A few "official" Poison Ivy wigs were released to go with these outfits. I bought one (okay two), but it looks absolutely nothing like the models wigs. The wig I (still) own is made of a really bad synthetic ruby colored fiber that tangles if you so much as breathe on it too hard. I'll take a photo of it when I have time. But in the mean time check out the child version. Which, again, looks nothing like the wigs I own or the ones on the models.

As I stated before, these aren't great. In fact, I don't recall ever seeing anybody wearing one (awful fit). But they do lend to nostalgia for better or worse. Though I can say this; Batman and Robin encouraged countless fans to create many customized Poison Ivy costumes. And that's a good thing.


JDAZZLE said...

Where can I purchase this costume from as all the others online are nothing like the actual poison ivy!

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