Thursday, January 14, 2010

Adam Hughes Statue Art

Adam Hughes has released the preview art for the soon to be released Poison Ivy statue. This statue is part of the Women of the DCU collection.

As usual, Hughes has done an amazing job on the art duties. I'm getting a certain Uma Thurman vibe from the face details. I can't say this is the best costume choice for Poison Ivy though. I think the gloves are a bit heavy while the high heeled shoes seem oddly dainty and plain. I mean reeeally. Who takes over the world in simple pumps? The hair is lovely but there's just too many leaves -- she's looks smothered. I'm not trying to be overly critical but this appears to be a mish-mash of various looks that don't quite gel. The colors of the Silver Age mixed with the tendril-like (leaves abound) nature of the Modern Age and a few nods to Uma Thurman.

I'm sure the final product will vary in a few ways. One thing is for sure -- I'd prefer a green skin Poison Ivy. The natural tone was already given to the Adam Hughes bust. Check out a larger preview here: Adam Hughes on Deviant Art.

UPDATE: Here is the actualized statue in all her glory. She's been streamlined a bit so the gloves aren't as bulky. They also toned down the leaves. Thankfully.

Catwoman #83

To my surprise, Poison Ivy makes an appearance in the one-issue revival of Catwoman #83. This issue (apparently) ties in to the DC Comics "Blackest Night" storyline.

The offical DC Comics solicitation: "As if the chaos and mayhem of Gotham City's blackout wasn't enough, Catwoman faces a dead villain that she was responsible for killing – the original Black Mask!

Will this attack against the body and soul of Selina Kyle prove to be too much for the feline femme fatale? And can she come to grips with killing (again) a possibly unkillable foe? Find out in another of this month's one-issue revivals of classic DC Universe titles!"

All I can say is -- the Sirens aren't havin' it! This issue reminded me a lot of the Gotham Girls adventures. Especially when you see the action packed panels with all three women giving it their all. The art by Julian Lopez and Bit is gorgeous. I've become a huge fan of this more painterly style. However, the official solicitation claims that the cover was done by Guillem March when it's clearly an Adam Hughes illustration.

I'm not sure how this is going to fit into Gotham City Sirens continuity (if at all). The last issue of Gotham City Sirens (#7 "Holiday Story") made no mention of this swerve. Either way I say pick it up -- it's great.

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