Monday, November 14, 2011

Birds of Prey #6 (Cover - UPDATED)

Art and cover by JAVIER PINA
On sale FEBRUARY 15 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US • RATED T
You’ve never felt better. You’re eating right, sleeping soundly, kicking butt at work. But there’s one tiny problem. You’re being hunted through the streets of Gotham City by five women who seem dead-set on sticking you with syringes and even chopping your head off with a sword. But listen, buddy – you don’t understand. These women? The so-called Birds of Prey? They’re the only things standing between you and instant death, triggered by some creepy guy who’s been secretly controlling your mind for a year now...

This is a pretty amazing cover - and damn that costume looks great. Especially the barbs going up the back. The description reads a bit corny but it works. Looking forward to where this book is going to take us - so far I've enjoyed the ride.

UPDATE: Comic book resources has a pretty awesome preview of Birds of Prey #3. Let's just say Poison Ivy more than holds her own.

Thursday, November 3, 2011


I've had a lot of requests to create a Facebook page for this blog. I should have done it ages ago considering I'm always on there - and it makes following a person or club much easier. I tried installing a plug-in but it won't work. So just follow the link if you're interested:


(Can I just tell you that I'm shocked the name was still available.)

As I Told Lady Freeze...

As you've probably noticed I've been M.I.A. for over a month (if not longer). I've mentioned before that I work at a costume shop and our busy season starts at the end of August and continues until after Halloween. Well, this year we hired fewer seasonal staff members which meant that a lot of the work was put upon me. The money is great but it leaves me completely zapped.

Speaking of zapped...

All that hard work paid off because right now I am blogging from a brand new computer. Fate is cruel and, much like Lady Freeze, my old computer's plug was pulled. My video card finally imploded but it held up much longer than most of the other components. (That tower was almost 10 years old and it rarely ever let me down.)

With that said - I am back! I'm going to cover quite a few things in this one post so be ready.

The DC relaunch put Poison Ivy on the back burner up until the final pages of the second issue of "Birds of Prey". Below is our first glimpse of Ivy in all her Autumnal glory.

Birds of Prey #3 will showcase more of Poison Ivy for sure.

Something that managed to skip past me was Poison Ivy appearing on the Cartoon Network's "Young Justice" cartoon. A show I watch every week - but of course the one week I forget to watch...

I have mixed feelings about this appearance with most of my hangups being about her physical appearance. The costume wasn't particularly elegant and the overall look was rather dull. (The collar was cool though.) I accept that Young Justice has its own style but this didn't work for me. Alyssa Milano voicing Poison Ivy was an odd choice. She wasn't terrible just not all that dynamic. Also, if I have to hear Poison Ivy shriek out "My babies!" one more time when a plant creature comes under attack I just might hurl.

I saw the preview cover to the following comic book a few weeks ago. Needless to say I came to my own conclusion about who the villain in question might be. I hope that it is Poison Ivy because I'm interested to see how she is depicted in a book outside of Birds of Prey.



Batman must race against time to save a friend's life. But his mission may prove impossible as he reels under the weight of three hundred chemically enhanced super-criminals who stand against him. All clues point to one psychotic criminal, and all roads to a solution that will lead to one secret location... but will Batman arrive too late to stop the rage let loose on his city?

DC Universe | 32pg. | Color | $2.99 US

On Sale December 28, 2011

It appears that we have a newer Poison Ivy themed t-shirt for sale but this time around she's paired with Harley Quinn. The creators of this shirt used an illustration done by José Luis García-López that I featured previously. The shirt is available in many sizes at - don't hesitate! (This link will take you to the basic adult size but women's, youth, and toddler sizes can be found too.)

Guess who decided to go as Poison Ivy for a costumed event this Halloween? Kim Kardashian! Say what you will about the Kardashian family - I thought she looked stunning in her take on Uma Thurman's costume. (I want that wig, now!)

However, the main point of including her in this post is that I noticed her eyemask looked awfully familiar. Now I'm not saying she herself used my tutorial but I suspect the people who helped create her costume may have taken a look at what I offered to those looking for a guide.

That's all I have for now. Stay tuned!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Birds of Prey Trailer & Janelle Asselin

It's been quite a few days since I've touched the Deadly Garden blog. After reading the final issue of Gotham City Sirens (#26) I slipped into a funk of sorts. I realized then and there that I had just glimpsed the final appearance of Poison Ivy as we've all loved her over the years. (No worries, my feelings on that final issue will be revealed soon enough.)

There's also been a secondary phenomenon that has been putting me off and it has to do with the new Birds of Prey book. Yes, the lack of promotion for this particular title has me very worried. But the outright disdain from (original) Birds of Prey fans for a book that hasn't even been released is infuriating. They've even gone so far as to predict an early demise.

I've had to avoid the message boards and comments section because the irrationality is at an all time high. I was finding myself bickering with total strangers about things beyond either of our control. Birds of Prey has been retooled, Oracle is no more, time to move on...

The new Birds of Prey will be out on September 21st (with Poison Ivy likely not appearing) and a few folks are trying to create a greater interest.

David Macho Gómez has done a great job of promoting his artists for the DCnU. He's put out a few "promotional" videos and Birds of Prey was the final entry of this series. Admittedly it's very unfocused and viewers are left shrugging or confused. But the final pan and scan in the video shows a preview image of Poison Ivy that we haven't seen before. It's likely the real cover to Birds of Prey #3 and from what I've seen it looks pretty damn good. I'm finding myself liking this costume with each new appearance so somebody is doing something right.

Poison Ivy as featured in the "Birds of Prey" trailer.
Below is the trailer in question - it's just over a minute and features preview art and quotes that have been shown before.

Additionally, Janelle Asselin has published a post over at the DC Comics official blog The Source and she offers praise for the new creative team.

The new BIRDS OF PREY is thrilling, fun, and beautiful. Writer Duane Swierczynski has crafted a story that takes off from issue one and does not let you stop for breath. It’s a new take on the characters and the team, so both new and old fans will come into the book on equal footing. But the spirit of BIRDS OF PREY – the spirit of doing good against all odds and the spirit of unlikely friendships – that remains in full force.

But how does that spirit of friendship work with Poison Ivy, you ask?

For that you’ll have to wait and see – we have to keep some aces up our sleeves, you know! I will say that Duane’s done a great job of making her part of the team in a way that’s true to the spirit of all of the characters.

To read the post in full please follow the link. Also, thank you to "Green Ghost" for sending me an email pertaining to this news. I definitely needed a sign that fans are still out there - excited for what is to come for Poison Ivy. (Sometimes my cynical nature gets the better of me.)

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Flower Girl

The Batman Adventures (vol. 2) comic book was published from 2003-2004 and it showcased characters and designs based on The New Batman Adventures animated television show.

Issue #16 deals with Harley Quinn and the Joker in the main story by Ty Templeton titled "Bride of the Joker". The backup story is focused on Poison Ivy but we'll get to that soon enough...

The main story begins with Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn lazing about their cell at Blackgate Prison. Harley is going thru her box of letters paying special mind to a document regarding her fifty million dollar inheritance from a deceased aunt. The Joker learns of this windfall and plans for Harley Quinn's escape, her hand in marriage, and her murder.

As the crazy couple attemps to make their exit from Blackgate Poison Ivy intervenes and tries to talk sense into Harley. The Joker mocks Poison Ivy and her new vine-like hairdo - then Mr. J and Harley flee via helicopter. Ivy also escapes and plots revenge on the killer clown.

Poison Ivy shakes her thorny fist at a smiling helicopter. Huh?

Gotham City Hall is taken over by the Joker and his fiancé but just before Harley says "I do" Poison Ivy crashes in to object! Things go from bad to worse the moment Batman and Batgirl arrive on the scene.

Batgirl and Poison Ivy wrestle atop a giant vine before falling to the ground. Now outdoors, Batgirl realizes she is outmatched so she runs over to a concession stand and grabs salt and a bottle of vinegar - natures own weedkiller! She throws the ingredients directly into Poison Ivy's face and she's painfully blinded. Ivy reacts violently and thorns shoot from every surface of her body before running from the scene.

The story closes out with the Joker being arrested and Harley vowing revenge against Ivy for ruining her wedding. An exchange between Batman and Batgirl is also noteworthy...
Batgirl: Ivy got away Batman. All the trees calmed down when she left. I never knew she was so powerful.

Batman: We'll have to go after Ivy immediately. She's too dangerous in her new form to be allowed her freedom.
This is a rare instance of Poison Ivy's altered physical appearance and powers from "Batman the Animated Series" to "The New Batman Adventures" being acknowledged - as a mutation no less. A theme that was carried over to the very clever backup titled "The Flower Girl". The four page backup story was also written by Ty Templeton and he made great use of the limited space.

"The Flower Girl" takes us to the bayou swamps as the silhouette of a woman stands under the moonlight - spying on a house just across the water. She's afraid and in need of help. We discover that it's Poison Ivy as she arrives at the home of Dr. Alec Holland.

Ivy's appearance has changed. Her vanity gave way to a body that is being taken over - the half-plant nature has betrayed her human side. The experiments that Poison Ivy has performed on herself have led to devolution. She cries out to the doctor for help but there is nothing he can do. Poison Ivy collapses in Alec Holand's arms as final mutation takes place. What's left of Pamela Isley, a.k.a. Poison Ivy, is a pile of vines and leaves.

The clever twist happens just as Dr. Holland calls out for his wife who quickly arrives from the other room.'s none other than Pamela Isley in her human form!

Pamela explains to her husband Alec that she created a plant clone of her Poison Ivy persona to distract Batman while she made a permanent exit from Gotham City. She also adds that the creature acted as a companion to Harley Quinn. But like any plant...they eventually die. In short, The New Batman Adventures Poison Ivy was a fake.

Here is the four page story in full (to magnify pages zoom in, click on cross-hairs):

I remember reading this for the first time back in 2004 and I was left speechless. It was a rather strange feeling seeing various aspects of the DCAU mixed with elements from DC proper - and have it totally work as a short story.

When TNBA premiered I always felt like that particular version of Poison lvy strayed just enough from her BTAS counterpart to seem like a different character. With The New Batman Adventures version being the especially mean sister of the two. Ty Templeton took my vague impressions and created a story - The Flower Girl - and it's awesome. The inclusion of Alec Holland was a nice touch.

The Batman Adventures was cancelled after issue #17. We'll never know if Harley Quinn ever got her revenge on Poison Ivy or if she ever realized her playmate wasn't the woman she had met years ago. Though the idea that Pamela Isley found love and comfort away from Gotham City is endearing.

Friday, August 19, 2011

The Cleaners (New Villain Preview)

Jesus Saiz, a client of David Macho Gómez (Spanish Inq) and main artist for Birds of Prey, has released some promotional art for the DCnU Birds of Prey series. This illustration features new villains called The Cleaners. I suspect these are the "shapeshifters" that have been mentioned in the solicitations. The visible outlines are probably an artistic choice suggesting "invisibility" and this particular Cleaner is masquerading as Poison Ivy

Notice her unusual skin tone. She also appears to be wearing a more traditional looking Poison Ivy costume. Interesting...

UPDATE: DC Comics has released an actual page from issue #1 featuring a Cleaner and Black Canary battling it out until...they kiss. What!? I'm liking this interior art more and more.

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