Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Birds of Prey Trailer & Janelle Asselin

It's been quite a few days since I've touched the Deadly Garden blog. After reading the final issue of Gotham City Sirens (#26) I slipped into a funk of sorts. I realized then and there that I had just glimpsed the final appearance of Poison Ivy as we've all loved her over the years. (No worries, my feelings on that final issue will be revealed soon enough.)

There's also been a secondary phenomenon that has been putting me off and it has to do with the new Birds of Prey book. Yes, the lack of promotion for this particular title has me very worried. But the outright disdain from (original) Birds of Prey fans for a book that hasn't even been released is infuriating. They've even gone so far as to predict an early demise.

I've had to avoid the message boards and comments section because the irrationality is at an all time high. I was finding myself bickering with total strangers about things beyond either of our control. Birds of Prey has been retooled, Oracle is no more, time to move on...

The new Birds of Prey will be out on September 21st (with Poison Ivy likely not appearing) and a few folks are trying to create a greater interest.

David Macho Gómez has done a great job of promoting his artists for the DCnU. He's put out a few "promotional" videos and Birds of Prey was the final entry of this series. Admittedly it's very unfocused and viewers are left shrugging or confused. But the final pan and scan in the video shows a preview image of Poison Ivy that we haven't seen before. It's likely the real cover to Birds of Prey #3 and from what I've seen it looks pretty damn good. I'm finding myself liking this costume with each new appearance so somebody is doing something right.

Poison Ivy as featured in the "Birds of Prey" trailer.
Below is the trailer in question - it's just over a minute and features preview art and quotes that have been shown before.

Additionally, Janelle Asselin has published a post over at the DC Comics official blog The Source and she offers praise for the new creative team.

The new BIRDS OF PREY is thrilling, fun, and beautiful. Writer Duane Swierczynski has crafted a story that takes off from issue one and does not let you stop for breath. It’s a new take on the characters and the team, so both new and old fans will come into the book on equal footing. But the spirit of BIRDS OF PREY – the spirit of doing good against all odds and the spirit of unlikely friendships – that remains in full force.

But how does that spirit of friendship work with Poison Ivy, you ask?

For that you’ll have to wait and see – we have to keep some aces up our sleeves, you know! I will say that Duane’s done a great job of making her part of the team in a way that’s true to the spirit of all of the characters.

To read the post in full please follow the link. Also, thank you to "Green Ghost" for sending me an email pertaining to this news. I definitely needed a sign that fans are still out there - excited for what is to come for Poison Ivy. (Sometimes my cynical nature gets the better of me.)

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