Friday, June 5, 2009

Poison Ivy Costume : Secret Wishes (889103)

This is an officially licensed ready made (out of the bag) Poison Ivy costume produced by "Secret Wishes"; they are a sexier (see: Leg Avenue) sub-brand of Rubies. The latter company is an industry giant and they often score the licensing rights to many trademarked characters.

Rubie's is known for putting out trendy mass produced goods. The costume details and accessories are quite often already attached (sewn or printed). So all one has to do is step inside and away you go. Though the Secret Wishes line seems to have more thoughtful and quality craftsmanship.

This offering appears a bit plain in detail; it doesn't exactly scream Poison Ivy. The dress comes in a shade of muted forest green. There's a lime green trim across the bust line and a sheer greenish fringe detail at the bottom. Elbow length fingerless "gloves" and boot covers complete the look. The item list at the official site doesn't include the ivy leaves. But those are a dime a dozen at a craft store near you. I suggest getting them otherwise you might get mistaken for Tinkerbell (or any other garden variety fairy or nymph).

I wouldn't say this is terrible just bare. There is a lot of potential for creating something a bit more sensational with this five piece costume (especially if used as a base). Perhaps adding some sparkle with sequins or rhinestones. Of course using dramatic makeup details and truly red hair would seal the deal. That brown hair on the model will never do! Consider flowers too.

Expect this costume to be available for purchase before the 2009 Halloween season.


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