Friday, June 5, 2009

Poison Ivy Costume : Gotham Girls (Rubie's 888104)

Okay, I cannot tell a lie. I think this costume is adorable. It is certainly on the cartoon side of things -- but that's the point. This Poison Ivy costume is part of a series called "Gotham Girls" (of course). It is supplied by Rubie's. The remaining three characters in this series are Harley Quinn, Catwoman, and Batgirl.

The greens are bold and fabulous! I love the small details like the leaf on the leotard. But also the spiraling tendrils on the arm sheaths and boot covers. Speaking of boot covers -- they are basically sturdy sock like devices that slip (or rest) over your shoes to create the appearance of boots. In case you didn't know.

A bonus feature for this costume is the included wig. However, I think the wig seems rather poorly conceived. Both in design and materials. There are a few wig companies that feature better wigs befitting of Poison Ivy -- both in hairstyle and color. I would certainly stick with this shade of red. But a less play-time like wig would really make this outfit pop.

As for customizing...I would say add some construction elements. Perhaps lining the leotard -- it's thin and can you see through the fabric (look at the promo pic). Or do something bold like remove the lime green tee-shirt quality of the upper half. This cover-it-all aspect is certainly suitable for the child sizes of this costume. But this top feature in the adult line veers into pajama territory. Just be sure to reinforce that bust line to avoid wardrobe malfunctions. Oh, and you have to supply your own darn lilies.

Here's a preview of the remaining costumes in this line. Very charming reproductions of some familiar faces. Gotham Sirens anyone? All of these costumes can be found at Rubie's official site.


Anonymous said...

i want that batgirl one.

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