Friday, June 5, 2009

Poison Envy (Ivy) Costume : Charades 01514

Charades costumes are a mixed bag. The quality is there - but sometimes the ideas behind them tread into goofy territory. However, Poison Envy here is a nice ensemble. Okay, for the rest of this post I'm referring to this costume as Poison Ivy. Clearly that is what the manufacturer intended. They did not get an official license to produce Poison Ivy costumes so they created something "in the spirit of" to avoid lawsuits.

The Charades package includes a leotard, arm sheathes, boot covers, and a cape. All done in green lame (metallic fabric). I know that seems a bit too disco fever-ish for some people but it's actually quite stunning in person. The only questionable piece is the leotard - it rarely fits as needed. There's no real bust support so it fits like a tube top (lots of slippage). I'd recommend retrofitting the top half with either flesh toned straps or perhaps boning for the ambitious. You'll have to supply your own hair leaves and fence net stockings. They are not included!

I think it's safe to say this is a nod to the Poison Ivy costumes in "Batman and Robin" as done by Robert Turturice. What a strange and varied resume, Mr. Turturice.


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