Friday, May 22, 2009

Arkham Asylum (Game): Poison Ivy Trailer

The anticipation for the Batman: Arkham Asylum video game is ever-growing. Today the fans were treated to Poison Ivy's vignette -- and the reviews are mostly positive. She looks stunning. The face and body are quite vampy. Though I'm not sure why she appears in such a pedestrian looking blouse. I'm hoping that it is replaced by something a bit more classic. There's also a minor controversy about her appearing in "underwear" (of sorts). She looks practically nude in the game because the two shades of green blend together. I'm undecided about the hair -- it's very Sims like and moves in a rather stiff fashion. Beautiful shade of red though. Also featured is the mother-lust relationship between Ivy and her plant minions. It's amusing if not weird.

The model sheet for Poison Ivy shows her wearing an Arkham issued prison top. I'm assuming Ivy goes through some type of transformation from flesh-toned human to green-skinned villain. Perhaps the shirt too! There is also mention that her eyes are to cry "green tears" when she uses her powers. A new and startling detail.

Diane Pershing returns as the voice of Poison Ivy -- wonderful! The slated release date for Batman: Arkham Asylum is August 25, 2009.

Update: Whoops! The voice actress from this game sounded so much like Diane Pershing I confused the two. The actress is actually Tasia Valenza.


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