Friday, July 1, 2011

Superhero Rewind: Batman and Robin Review

The folks over at Geekvolution reviewed "Batman & Robin" back in Aug 27, 2010 as part of their Superhero Rewind series. The review is a great mix of brains and humor.

They give the film a rather fair shake but explain why the Schumacher and Goldsman effort could only fail. The consensus being that Batman & Robin had no idea who it was geared towards. Children, adults - or neither? Give it a viewing and see if you agree. I know I did. Sorry Poison Ivy and Uma Thurman - you looked fierce and more than deserved this role but this film was ultimately beneath you. In hindsight of course.



AfroMonkey said...

That was one of the more sober retrospectives I've seen on this movie and in turn it was one of the more balanced and "real" opinions I've heard. This guy has obviously put the effort and the know-how into his review rather than going down the popular (and hence infuriatingly childish) route of it's simply bad because it's bad.
Personally my main point of focus in B&R uas Poison Ivy. Always has been. With every kind of entertainment, acting in flims, books, video games; I give people the benefit of the doubt.
I pretend for their sake that the actor doesn't exist. Only the character. Every word they say, every move they make, every action- it applies to that chacter and who they are for that story. It makes it more fulfilling analysing the character from that point on. It's the reason why I fell in love with Poison Ivy as a character and why I loved Uma's portrayal. It was fascinating to watch and gave me a real glimpse into what exactly a femme fatale is and what it can really be capable of and what a woman like Ivy could do (e.g. bringing otherwise untouchable men like Batman & Robin to their knees and vulnerable to her like new-born babes).
But on topic, I don't blame Joel and Akiva for the movie. Hands down the blame is on WB. The potential was there but they held it back and turned the Bat movie franchise into something it's not. And of course Joel has to bear the blame for the rest of his life. And that is just not fair.
(Loving the slew of updates thus far. Keep up the great, great work!)

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