Friday, July 1, 2011

Artwork of the Day : Poison Ivy by Miss Pipedream Fantasy

What can I possibly say about this piece? Exquisite. Glamourous. To die for.

This fine lady is done in a vintage pin-up style with a fairly obvious nod to Batman: The Animated Series. The face is quite beautiful. So kind with just a hint of mischief and menace in those eyes. I adore the pout. Oh! The hair color is so lush and the texture is perfect. Who wouldn't want this do? I also love this particular shade of "olive" green. Opera length gloves? So classy.

If you follow the link below to her Deviantart page you can view a much larger version of this image. There you'll notice her bodice has a slight spiral pattern. Miss Pipedream Fantasy you have lived up to your name. She is quite dreamy indeed.


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