Monday, July 11, 2011

ComicsAlliance Reviews "Batman & Robin"

I've been following Comics Alliance's Remedial Batmanology series. Chris Sims and David Uzumeri have been viewing and reviewing each of the four Burton/Schumacher films in a running commentary style. They have finally closed out the four part series with their review of "Batman & Robin".

I've got to say I really did enjoy this venture. What I admired most is their willingness to completely surrender to the ridiculousness that is Batman & Robin. Ultimately declaring it the most fun and cohesive film of this Bat-era. The following bits are some highlights (for me).

Chris: Clooney has joked about this movie a lot -- when he was nominated for the Oscar for Michael Clayton, I remember him telling reporters that he was there to pick up his Lifetime Achievement for Batman & Robin -- but he's actually pretty solid in the role. He does a more convincing Bruce Wayne than anyone else. My real high point, though, is Poison Ivy.

Chris: You talked a lot about Jim Carrey attempting to channel Frank Gorshin as the Riddler in Forever, but while I think that's a pretty miserable failure, Uma Thurman is way more successful at trying to be Julie Newmar.

David: She does a great job doing the campy sex-vamp thing. A GREAT job.

Chris: Ivy's better written than Freeze, in that she doesn't have a constant string of puns, and Thurman's delivery is perfect for the material, right down to her faux-sultry Mae West voice.

I have no doubt that the comments sections over at Comics Alliance are going to be filled with dissenters. You can't even speak aloud the title of this film without having to suffer audible tongue smacking and groans. So one can only imagine the fanboy head bursts taking place at the idea that some people actually enjoyed (and continue to enjoy) the film. Thankfully, most of the regular commenters at Comics Alliance tend to be mature and thoughtful in their responses.

Their next Remedial Batmanology effort will be to sit through "Catwoman" (2004) starring Halle Berry. Good luck gentlemen, and godspeed.

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