Monday, August 1, 2011

Matty Collector Announces Poison Ivy (Maybe)

Today on Facebook Matty Collector announced the newest character in the latest wave of DC Universe characters - Poison Ivy! her initial intro will be as part of the the Club Infinite Earths exclusives. That is if the line ever truly takes off.

The problem is that Matty Collector is struggling to get people to sign up for their subscriptions to this line. Basically you pay an initial fee for an entire year of action figures. The final price, after being billed monthly, ends up being around $255 (plus shipping/taxes/fees). That's a rather large price for figures that I likely don't want. Beyond Poison Ivy of course.

Hey DC Universe fans, you asked for it, you got it! Here is the reveal of another 6" character in the DC Universe Club Infinite Earths subscription program...Poison Ivy! To get this figure, as well as the other subscription figures, sign up for the club:

The message was later updated:

To clarify the DC Universe Club Infinite Earths subscription, If the sub does not move forward, the figures announced will not be a part of the 2012 retail line. The only way we will create these DC Universe figures in 2012 is through the subscription program. To get Starman, Atrocitus, Flash 1, and Poison Ivy, sign up for the sub:

The fan reaction on Facebook is resoundingly negative because in many ways Matty Collector is holding these characters hostage until they have made enough money via subscriptions. There's a chance they won't get made at all. Follow this link for specific subscription details. The link at the end of this post will take you to the Facebook post.

The image below is being used to promote Poison Ivy. It's a panel done by Jim Lee for the Batman Hush series. I'm assuming that the figure will not be done in this style because we have this very figure from the Hush DC Direct series. I know that if they provided examples of what the figures may look like the interest would surely grow. You can't just post an older picture from a comic book and assume it's enough to get people excited.

[Matty Collector on Facebook]


Anonymous said...

They didn't put her (the only one of the major Batman villains who didn't get made and one of the most demanded figures) in any of the 20 normal DCUC waves and now this? This sucks!

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