Friday, August 19, 2011

The Cleaners (New Villain Preview)

Jesus Saiz, a client of David Macho Gómez (Spanish Inq) and main artist for Birds of Prey, has released some promotional art for the DCnU Birds of Prey series. This illustration features new villains called The Cleaners. I suspect these are the "shapeshifters" that have been mentioned in the solicitations. The visible outlines are probably an artistic choice suggesting "invisibility" and this particular Cleaner is masquerading as Poison Ivy

Notice her unusual skin tone. She also appears to be wearing a more traditional looking Poison Ivy costume. Interesting...

UPDATE: DC Comics has released an actual page from issue #1 featuring a Cleaner and Black Canary battling it out until...they kiss. What!? I'm liking this interior art more and more.


Deidre said...

I love you blog, you do such a good job in keeping it up with new interesting information! Thank you very much.

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