Thursday, June 23, 2011

Cosplay of the Day : Meagan Marie

I'm the kind of person who is always on the hunt for new and different costuming goods. Especially in regards to items that can be used for Poison Ivy related cosplay. I've learned that typing in basic image search terms like "Poison Ivy" and "wig" (or boots etc.) will pull up some rather interesting and unexpected results. That is how I stumbled across Meagan Marie and her astonishing turn as Poison Ivy.

I tend to be a perfectionist about most things. It's one of the reasons why I find myself fussing more with the look of this blog instead of focusing on posts. (Hush!) So it was fulfilling to see a cosplayer who knows exactly what they are doing.

From her site: Created back in the 60s, Poison Ivy has seen many different costume iterations over the years. I’ve always loved Ivy from the Batman animated series, but the costume was a bit too simple for my tastes. Uma Thurman’s take on Pam Isley in Batman & Robin was a bit more attractive, especially the long and glamorous cape. Ultimately though I drew most from Ivy’s various comic appearances, ending up with the traditional leaf covered leotard and leggings. Can’t go too wrong with that. Still, the end result was more my interpretation of her various outfits than an exact replica of one in particular. While many think of Ivy as a sexpot who manipulates people to her advantage, I always liken her to a classic (and classy) vixen – sexy, but not overtly so. Mysterious and slightly wicked, but only because she believes so strongly in her cause.

There really isn't a single thing out of place. The style and color of that wig is perfection. The makeup is bold but not overdone. (Those lips!) I've often seen leaf bustiers look far too "crafty" (poorly done). But these leaves were carefully placed and the end result is exquisite. I especially love the hints of deep red along the cup trim. The sheer cape adds a touch of class to an already elegant look.

What ultimately works here is the contrast of the bold red hair with the deep earthy, woodsy palette of greens. Brava!



AfroMonkey said...

Oh yeah.
Those lips. I think that's the definition of the term "focal point". :)

Lucky Tiger said...

The eyebrow leaves are the only things I think could have been done better. As they are, they look very harsh on the model's face, but not in a flattering way like the lips. All in all, a really good job though, looks fantastic.

Deadly Garden said...

I think the makeup artist should have perhaps made the eyebrow leaves a bit lighter in color or embellished them further. From a distance they tend to look a bit like heavy eyebrows.

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