Monday, June 27, 2011

Collectables : WB Studio Store Figurine

When I lived in Denver I always made a point of visiting the Warner Bros. Studio Store while at the Cherry Creek Mall. I knew they had a wide selection of DC Comics related merchandise so I was always on the look out for Poison Ivy related items. At least the stuff I could afford.

I happened upon this statue back in the year 2000. It was part of a larger set of figurines being marketed to those costumers on a budget. I paid $29.95 for mine but I believe the average price was around $45.00 and up. This was a welcome find because the higher end items in the gallery were not an option.

Poison Ivy Statue
The styling of this statue is based on the modern flesh toned Poison Ivy - think late 1990s (Apthorp era). It's a lovely sculpt for the price - the pose and face are quite feminine. She reminds me of Claudia Schiffer or Nicole Kidman. A lot of time was spent detailing the hair with some shortcuts taken on the leaf details. The boots look pretty cool though.

All that said, be mindful of the paint application around the face. I've seen a few for sale that had unfortunate (and laugh worthy) facial features because of poor paint jobs. This is a cold cast resin statue and while it feels substantial in weight the fingers and plant details tend to be fragile. I own the Catwoman statue from this line and had to glue a few fingers back into place. Thank you Seattle earthquake.

The only remarkable thing about the box is the lone illustration of Poison Ivy. I don't know who did the art but it's a great rendition. (Though she's wearing gloves in the box art.) Notice the packaging refers to this item as a figurine. However, I prefer to call it a statue. The word figurine makes me think of knick-knicks that old ladies keep in their curio cabinets. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

To this date it's the only officially licensed comic book related Poison Ivy statue. All the others have been related to film or animation. This can be found regularly on Ebay and other auction websites. So if this interests you have at it!

Poison Ivy Statue

Poison Ivy Statue

Poison Ivy Statue
A few of these images were found online. If you are the original photographer and want credit let me know. Thanks.

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