Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Wig Session #01: The Hair Horns

All the years that I've been running Poison Ivy related websites I've had the pleasure of reading over countless fan email. I receive most of this email during the month of August and it continues on through Halloween.

The two most frequent email requests are how to make the leaf eyebrow masks that Uma Thurman wore in Batman and Robin. But also for suggestions regarding wig color and style. I will cover the eyebrow mask(s) in the coming weeks. For now -- let's talk hair. Specifically, Uma Thurman's second Poison Ivy wig.

The reason I am focusing on this style for Wig Session #01 is because it's dramatic and easily identifiable. Now, the wigs in the movie were pricey lace front wigs fit for the screen. That's out of reach for most people. However, at least two wig companies created ready made versions of the "horns" style.

UPDATE! As I was wandering the internet in a never ending pursuit for Poison Ivy fashioned goods I discovered this rather stunning wig reproduction. It is being offered by Cosplay Magic. The price is a bit steep but you're getting a wig that is going to require practically no customizing. The colors are perfect and the style and length ideal. To learn more about this wig go here: CosplayMagic.com. I tip my hat (or wig) to the stylist behind this beauty.

Highslide JSGarland Wigs did a fair interpretation. Behold item # CW220, better known as She-Devil. At least that is what the wig is referred to now -- my packaging uses the name Poison Ivy. Garland offered this wig in at least 19 colors or color combinations. The color(s) you see pictured here are "Red" with "Ginger Highlights", clearly a nod to the film.

I know what you're thinking, and yes those horns do look pitiful. It also doesn't help that the model is wearing the wig too low on her forehead. But this wig can be restyled to better replicate the film version. That's exactly what I did.

When this wig arrived I was mostly satisfied. The horns were a bit puny, the cap a bit shallow, but the basic style and color lived up to expectations. It's not as long as Uma's but it does hang to about elbow length. Still, a slight do-over was in order.

I unwrapped the hair horns and placed down small cone shaped Styrofoam bases. I then wrapped the hair around the bases. A bit of steam and hairspray allowed for secured hair placement. I would suggest masking the Styrofoam cones with red paint (or cover with paper). Otherwise the foam color will show through if not careful.

Something else to keep in mind, in the film Uma's hair was completely pulled back. But in the studio pictures she has a side part (swoop) that hangs to the side of her face. The side part is a great way to mask part of the wig line.

The other available wig in this style is by Lacey Wigs, and it's called "Poison IV" (Ivy). I've seen this wig up-close and it's good quality. I'm not a huge fan of the way the front hairline is styled. A bit poofy for my tastes but that can be remedied with some time and determination. The only other drawback is the color. It's a very deep burgundy to the point of appearing dark brown. If "user friendly" is priority then this wig is a good choice. It easily goes from the bag to out on the town in minutes.

Of course, there's always the option of completely creating this style on your own. All you'd need is a long red wig (no short bangs) and a few days to style. Good luck!


Earl said...

Using Styrofoam to create depth to your wigs are the ideal choice on replicating those gravity defying hairstyles. As you progress, you'll notice that even everyday objects can be totally helpful in cosplay. which is why I maintain my styled women's wigs so whenever I go for a new cosplay project and my old wig resembles the hairstyle of my liking, I can restyle them easily.

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