Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Batman: Widening Gyre #1

Poison Ivy appears on the cover for Batman: Widening Gyre #1 but I have no idea if she appears in the book. I will update this post the moment I have time to pick up issue #1.

Widening Gyre is a 6 part mini series helmed by Kevin Smith. The official DC promo reads as:

Written by Kevin Smith; Art by Walter Flanagan and Art Thibert; Cover by Bill Sienkiewicz

Once again, Kevin Smith – the fan-favorite creator behind GREEN ARROW and Daredevil – teams up with Walter Flanagan – the artist on the acclaimed series BATMAN: CACOPHONY – for an all-new adventure starring The Caped Crusader. The stakes are high as Batman encounters a new vigilante under his wing amidst what Smith describes as a "backdrop of romance, intrigue, and geek-bait guest stars galore." Trust us when we say that it's as awesome as it sounds. BATMAN: WIDENING GYRE is just the start of things for Kevin in the Bat-Universe so get on board now!

August 26, 2009


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