Wednesday, April 13, 2011

"DC Women" by Felipe Massafera

Every now and then I see a piece of art that leaves me speechless. This panel done by Felipe Massafera is one of those times. It was submitted for public viewing on June 24, 2009 but I only noticed it today. Shame!

I happened upon this piece when I found myself at the DC Women Kicking Ass tumblr. (Upon last viewing it is their current header.) Of course my eyes immediately darted to lower left when I spied a woman wearing green lipstick with leaves in her hair. It's Poison Ivy and a determined Batgirl looking for a fight with the rest of DC's finest females in tow.

"DC Women" by Felipe Massfera
I honestly don't know much about Felipe Massafera as of this writing but I do plan on spending some quality time at his deviantART page. His work is immaculate and immediately evokes the style of Alex Ross. However, there's a certain glamour in this piece that differs from Ross. I think Alex Ross has a tendency to portray his women in an overly masculine (tough) style. Whereas Massafera allows his female characters to be strong yet feminine.

Poison Ivy detail
Upon arriving at the deviantART page that features this piece I noticed Mr. Massafera doesn't share many details about this panel beyond these few words.

This is a commission i did for my friend Hao last year, it was really fun paint all these beauties, many thanks to my friends Lara and Aline who posed for me. Its gouache on strathmore illustration board.

I don't mind the brief remarks because something this beautiful speaks for itself in so many ways. It's wonderful and atmospheric and frankly I wish I could be there to watch this battle take place. Bravo!


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