Thursday, March 24, 2011

"Club Villain" by Your Favorite Martian

I discovered this video while browsing the Comics Alliance website. The preview image featured stylized cartoon versions of Catwoman and Harley Quinn so I decided to check it out. The basic premise is that the main character Ray finds himself at a new joint in town called "Club Villain". Once inside he discovers that Club Villain caters specifically to supervillains from all genres. He hangs out and spies the room only to discover the lust of his life, Poison Ivy, is seated across from him. You can watch the rest below...

That's when I saw her there, from across the room,
Poison Ivy doing Jell-o shots with Dr. Doom.
Like the Eye of Sauron, I couldn't look away.
She was with some Joker, but the dude was probably gay.


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