Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A Brief Update (and apology)

Poison Ivy Mag 42I'm sure it's rather obvious I've been slacking with my posting duties. I was so overwhelmed at the costume shop this Halloween season I had to make a few temporary sacrifices. One of those being my various internet hobbies. The end of the year Holidays aren't giving me much free time either.

However I look forward to working on quite a few Poison Ivy related projects in the new year. Trust me -- I've mulled over these ideas for months now. We're talking action figure/collectible archives, retrospectives, "best of" lists and more.

Anyway! Gotham City Sirens seems to be going well. With the occasional dull issue here and there. I felt it took far too long to get the action going. But March's art duties more than make up for that. He recently put together a bit piece on his creative process for comic book covers. It's posted at the DCU blog. Luckily, Poison Ivy is the featured character face.

Poison Ivy is also starring in a new Batman 80 Page Giant: seen here. It's an unusual short story -- a rather chilly, contemplative, and occasionally gory offering. The story in question, "Wilt", appears to be out of continuity.

And finally, Ivy is being featured in DC Superhero Figurine Collectors Magazine #43. The magazine showcases the character and includes a die cast figurine based on the Jim Lee design. Eagle Moss Publications is the creator of this collection. The promotional image for this figurine is a bit garish in color -- for a more color accurate image go here.

Thanks for playing along everyone and I look forward to more fun times. Happy Holidays!


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