Saturday, July 25, 2009

DC Direct 13" Poison Ivy

As we all know (or should) the San Diego Comic Con is taking place this weekend. One of the functions of Comic Con is to introduce new lines of comic book related collectible items.

If you look to the left you will see a soon-to-be released 13" Poison Ivy action figure. (Image from Action Figure Insider) This is being offered by DC Direct and it's part of DC Direct's 1:6 scale line of characters.

I have mixed feelings about this creation overall. The face sculpt is quite pretty but it's a bit too cherubic (round and sweet faced) for my liking. The wavy hair is Jim Lee esque in some ways and the green skin tone is good. However, the costume is a fright. I'm really not sure what the design concept is supposed to be here. It's like an amalgam of a few different costumes over the years -- namely Uma Thurman's Batman and Robin wardrobe. There's a certain Moulin Rouge/bordello aesthetic that reads as busy and cheap. I lay most of that blame on the flouncy thigh-highs. Nobody in their right mind wears boots AND thigh-high stockings.

Also, I don't get the odd multicolor graphic aspect to the lower part of the leotard. I'm sure this was a strategic move to hide the assemblage of the figure. There's no way you can have a high cut leotard and not show the leg joints. Hopefully this is corrected in the final product because it completely interrupts the flow of the costume. All that aside, this would make a fantastic base for customizing purposes.

If you want something with a bit more glam I'd suggest this: Tonner's Deluxe Poison Ivy. For better pictures of the DC Direct 13" Poison Ivy (a face close-up too) go here: Sideshow Collector's Forum.


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